Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Double circle with charm is great for a mom with school letters and a sport or activity.


Rectangle is super cute for a short phrase or a few names


Simple 1 inch circle with a charm is great for names or to write a phrase, sport, or activity.


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This double circle can hold a whole family. Mom and dad on the top circle with kids names or initials on the bottom circle. Lots of possibilities!


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This is a fun circle with little dangling hearts to add initials or dates. Great for mom or grandma. This would be great as an anniversary piece, names on the circle with the month, day, and year of the wedding on the hearts.


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This is a 1 inch oval. If the names are short enough, we can fit up to 5 names on it. It would also work for a short phrase. This one is shown without a charm to cover any of the names.

Oval without charm: $30 add a charm for $5

The one inch open washer is great for 3 names, a short phrase, or a name with school initials and the graduation year. $35

Three circles (3/8 inch) are great for initials of the school. This is also great for a mother or grandmother necklace with the initial of each child put on a circle.

Three circles plus the charm $30 additional circles (as many as you want) can be added for $5 each.

This silver cross could be a very meaningful piece of jewelry. It can hold a name, short scripture reference, or a date. Because of the cross design when stamped it has a rustic look.

With freshwater pearl charm $35

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